I want to thank those of you who have been reviewing the Team CCM business opportunity.  I’ve asked some of the smartest people that I know to give me a critical evaluation of Team CCM, the Natural Gas Choice Programs, Volunteer Energy, Network Marketing, etc…and I have yet to receive negative feedback. 

Many of you are hesitant about Network Marketing in general…as I have always been too.  But we have all been pretty quick to point out that saving families and businesses money on their natural gas bill and potentially other services they are already using, seems like the most solid networking marketing business model we have ever seen. 

This is especially evident when compared to juice’s, travel memberships, soaps, etc. 

So that being said, my wife and I are extremely excited about this business opportunity.  Sarah is doing a great job working on marketing our services to everyone that she meets.  It is really not hard to try to save people money on things they are already spending cash on every month.

http://www.teamccm.com/bansel Visit for more information!

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