These are actually the 7 habits of a marginally successful entrepreneur…me.  And as a disclaimer, I have not read the book of a similar title, though I hope to some day.  But as of right now, I am darn proud of the marginal financial successes that I have enjoyed in my 6 or so years of career/entrepreneurship…and I believe I’m on the path of becoming highly financially successful.  I define this by having the freedom to choose how me and my family spend each day of our lives.

I also want to note that I consider myself HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in other areas of my life.  I am truly thankful for almost 10 years of marriage to the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.  I swear she is the best mom I have ever observed to our three little girls…who also make me the most blessed and happy daddy alive.  These little chicks think that I am just the coolest thing since sliced bread!  Feast of famine, life is truly good and I’m utterly thankful for the gift!   On to the list.

1.  Successful people are not afraid to work.  I’ve had a full time job almost since I was 14, but for sure since age 18.  Even through college I didn’t let up.  And even as I was growing and grooming several businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, I’m committed to the work of hard work…and it slowly but surely seems to be paying off.  In the worst economy I’ve ever seen, I’m still work diversified and chugging along.

2.  Successful people love to learn.  Turn off the TV and read a book.  Learn a new skill.  My goal is to learn a cool new thing each year.  This seems to keep the old mind sharp…which is extremely important as I am approaching 30!  This year I’m going to learn how to ride a motorcycle!

3.  Successful people take risk.  I hear all the time about people who want to better their lives by starting a weekend business.  They get fired up about their good idea, but they scare themselves out of the deal because every new project involves risk.  You have to get over this if you ever want to be successful.  My Aunt invested several thousand dollars into gourmet chocolate fountain equipment as a weekend business.  Sure, she could have never got a chocolate fountain job, never rented her equipment out, lost most all of her investment and had to sell her supplies on EBay…all sorts of bad things can happen…that’s life, there is no guarantees.  BUT THEY DIDN’T…she took the risk, and is enjoying financial success one chocolate filled weekend at a time.

4.  Successful people think about other people’s needs FRIST.  The smartest and most successful people that I know seem to always be trying to help other people, not themselves.  I’ve observed that by helping other people achieve their goals and dreams, something magical happens, and your own personal goals and dreams start coming into place.  Try it, be authentic about it, and you will see the results!

5.  Successful people are not afraid to failure, and will not let it define them.  I’ve heard it said that an expert at something is simply a person who has exhausted every possible way to fail at that particular thing.  This is a powerful statement.  Most highly successful people that I know have had to endure HUGE failures along their journey.  These things don’t get you down though, they are building blocks if you choose to use them for that purpose.

6.  Successful people love to network.  If you don’t love to meet new people and learn about their personal journey and stories, you are going to have a tough time in business and in life.  Relationships are truly what matter in our interconnected world.  Everything else is just background noise in my humble opinion.

7.  Successful people embrace joy!  The journey of life is often called a short one.  That being said, I want to surround myself and do business with people who radiate joy in their everyday existence.  You know who these people are, and they are like a light bulb in a dark room.  I want to be a person who brings a spark of love and joy to every situation that I find myself in, and I hope to share that joy with other people.  Joy and beauty is all around you, just open your eyes, and look past yourself or your current situation for a little bit, and you will see it.

So anyways, why don’t you put all that into your old tobacco pipe and smoke it!

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