This blog has enjoyed 25 – 50 unique visitors per day for some time now.  I’ve felt blessed to have this amount of traffic and great commenters, because this blog has always served as a way for me to organize my thoughts on business, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.  I’m truly honored when someone visits the sight and lets me know that they found some useful information. 

I’ve always had the expectation that this blog would slowly grow and gain a couple of new readers a week…AND THEN SOMEONE STUMBLED UPON MY SITE.  The graph below shows what that meant for me.

As you can see, two days ago I had a HUGE SPIKE in unique visitors and page views.  I quickly went to to see where these visits were coming from.  Nearly every one was from Stumble Upon.  I have yet to figure out exactly how stumble upon works, but I’m going to, because my traffic has been through the roof since Feb. 2 and so has my site earnings.  Absolutely Amazing! 

So if you were the blessed person who decided to Stumble my site, THANK YOU!  When I figure out Stumble Upon and who you are, I will surely return the favor!

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