I’ve was privedged to have spent the last week with some of the most successful people to have graduated from Spring Arbor University. 

I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for an extended weekend of vision casting for the University in co-operation with a handful of the schools most generous and supportive benefactors.  I engaged in very meaningful conversation with a diverse group of individuals…folks with highly successful ministries, multi-million dollar companies, family medical practices, etc.  EACH HAD A UNIQUE STORY of how success manifested in their lives…and each had a varied definition of success (as we have discussed in past posts). 

But there was a common thread in each story that, when combined with eachother, created a strong rope of truth with which I was able to tug on.  Tugging on this rope literally lead me to The Secret of Success on my plane ride home. 

Some of my most meaningful conversations were with the beautiful staff members of Charleston Place.  These folks radiated a spirit of joy and humble service as they catered to every aspect of our South Carolina experience.  Everyone that I encountered seemed to take deep pride in the important work that they were doing to make Charleston Place the most hospitable and inviting destination in the southern part of the U.S.

I don’t know if these people just REALLY loved their jobs…but what I believe IS THAT THEY LOVED WHAT THEY WERE DOING!  It seemed to be a part of them at their very core.  It was really quite amazing to experience!  I felt like I was in a time warp or something…I’ve had good service, but these folks were on another level!

WHICH BRINGS ME BACK TO “The Secret of Success”  The Millionaire business people and the amazing staff at Charleston Place, at their core, I believe lived by this principle.  DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO! 

You have heard this before, I know.  Here is the difference though…LOVE IS A CHOICE, AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT FOR YOURSELF!  This is the only way to have PEACE and JOY right in the middle of each and every stage of life that you find yourself.  WE ALL HAVE STRUGGLES, but we have the God given power to CHOOSE LOVE, PEACE, and JOY in each moment…no matter what. 

And I believe in doing this, you will find success now…and even more in the future!

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