I’m getting a call or e-mail almost every day about a friend or family member who is losing a job, can’t find a job, took a pay cut, is worried about her job, etc. 

Another amazingly funny thing that I’m hearing is…”We elected Barack…why don’t I have a job yet?” 

Well here is the deal, things are likely to get worse before they get better!  Americans are shouldering massive amounts of personal debt, more than any other time in history, and getting this debt burden down to manageable levels is going to take a significant amount of time.  That being said, encouraging banks to lend and citizens to borrow more is not the answer.  For what it worth, I believe any government stimulus package should focus on helping small business owners (like me) get going or expand.  I also believe that our leaders should focus ALMOST ALL of their attention of stabilizing the value of our assets…our homes, investments, etc.  It is almost impossible to think about starting or expanding a business when your biggest investment, your home, is falling significantly in value each month. 

My rant is over now…here is my advice on the job front.

#1  If you have a job…protect it!  In times like these, you need to be the best and hardest working you that you can be!

#2  Don’t rely on Job Websites…everyone is doing that.  I would be personally hand delivering my resume to every great business within 75 miles of my home. 

#3  Don’t waste your time.  If you find yourself with time on your hands, use it wisely!  Learn a new skill, take a class, read important industry journals, volunteer for good causes, take part time work where networking opportunities may exist, exercise and take care of your body, etc.

#4  Network.  Don’t let a temporary setback kill your confidence.  You are unique and special, and it is important that you continue to get out there and let people know that you are an individual with drive and passion.

#5 Be patient…but don’t miss an opportunity.  If you lost a six figure job, don’t be surprised if you are getting offers in the 60K range.  That is just how things are now a days.  Weigh your options wisely, and don’t necessarily bite the first little worm that you see.  BUT, know that sometimes in life you have to take two steps back to then take 3 steps forward.

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