Much thanks to you all for the great comments and feedback on my Blog Income Report.

I started blogging in Feb. 2008 on a Free Blogger Site with absolutly NO CLUE what I was doing.  As my friend at MoneyEnergy mentioned in one of her comments…it took like 6 months to get my first Adsense Check. 

While I still know very little about making money online, I am now making enough per month to cover a decent little car payment, and my site statistics are heading in the right direction every month.  That being said, I’ve got a couple of tips here that might save you some time if you are just starting out blogging.  If you post often enough, and follow a few good ideas, you should be able to get an adsense check or affiliate check within 2 months or so.

Tip #1 Forget Blogger, and go straight to a Hosted, WordPress site with a theme that accents your content and is easy to use.  This was, BY FAR, the best thing that I did.  Hosting through is only $10 per month, and it is well worth the investment.  It gives your blog a much more porfessional feel than the basic blogger or package.

Tip #2  Invest in a good domain name!  Search for hours if you have to so you can buy a good online brandname to build your blog around.  I personally made a mistake on this one, as I probably could have done alot better than “The Almost Millionaire” as it is kind of long and most people don’t think or care about Almost Millionaires…but it has worked well, and made sense to me at the time.

Tip #3  Spend some time writing 4-7 of your BEST possible articles focused on what type of blog you are trying to develop, personal finance, SEO, marketing, private equity, investments…whatever.  Just focus your efforts on your best stuff within your chosen topic.

Tip #4  Spend about a two weeks finding blogs like yours.  Make meaningful comments to show your interest and support for those blogs.  Invest your time in developing friendships with those bloggers who are receptive to your comments and seem interested in interacting with you.  There are TONS of great bloggers who like to help newbies, but there are a lot of JERKS out there too, who will never support you or give you the time of day.  Focus on the friendly bloggers, and avoid those who show no interest in you…and don’t take it personally, there are just some guys who are so big they don’t have the time in the day to respond to comments and develop relationships.  FYI, a few guys who are great at developing online conversations are Sire from Wassupblog, Mitch from I’m Just Sharing, and Dave at Do You Dave Ramsey.  There are more, I wish I had time to name them all.

Tip #5  Invest your time and money in learning from others who have been successful at making money online and from blogging.  There is literally millions of pieces of good information out there that can help you learn how to do AdSense, or affiliate programs, or networking marketing.  I try to read something new every week as I try to figure out the endless possibilities that the Internet offers.

Tip #6  REPEAT STEPS #3, #4, AND #5 OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Stick with it!  Worst case scenario, you will have all your thoughts online and organized, so you can easily write your autobiography when you are old, rich, and famous 😉

I apologize to all of you who already know all this stuff, as I realize that most of you know WAY more than me about making money online.  I post this though, because this stuff would have seriously helped me when I started online, and I may not have wasted 6 months posting on blogger for my 3 visitors a day.  My hope is that all of you who read this blog will leave you #1 Tip for New Bloggers in the comments section.  That would be awesome!

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