I spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon trying to answer the above question.  What is Clickbank?  My secondary question was…How do I use Clickbank to further monetize my Internet real estate.  AdSense has been a great start, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve spent the last year as a one trick pony.  That strategy is not going to work in 2009 if this is the year I figure out how to make $5000 a month via web investments.  And by the way, I’ve decided that I’m going to figure out this online income thing without buying anyones Carbon Copy System.  Maybe that is stupid, but I consider myself of average intelligence, so I darn well should be able to figure things out this year. 

ALL THAT BEING SAID, Clickbank seems to offer some interesting opportunities.  The deal is that you sign us as an affiliate and get paid a commission on any products that are sold from leads generated from your web properties.  This is great, but I see a bit of a problem.  I DON’T EVER want to suggest a product that I don’t believe in 100%.  I know that there are great opportunities there, but I need to sift through the thousands of Garbage Opportunities to find the jewels that I can promote and suggest. 

So that is where I am, and I would truly appreciate any comments regarding your experience with Clickbank and what products, if any, your have found that truly add value to peoples lives…because that is what it is all about for me.  I want to help, every day, even if it is only in a little way.

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