Wow, the last few weeks have been awesome and crazy.  The launch of the new company is going WELL above my initial expectations.  We are extremely busy with good work.  For this I am thankful, but it has made it extremely difficult for me to find time to post here at TAM.  You all know my girls are my number one priority, so they have been getting any free time that I can muster.

This quick post is important as Michigan released unemployment data and we hit a staggering 14.1% unemployment rate here in this once great state of opportunity.  This is sad and sobering.  Basically 15 out of every 100 people that I know in Michigan are unable to find work. 

The situation here in Michigan is simply out of control.  Big government and a burdensome tax system here in the Great Lakes state has left our economy decimated.  We seem to tax EVERYTHING…even in hard times.  There is hardly an incentive to innovate here anymore.  The emails that I’m receiving from you readers who are looking to start business show a common theme.  Most would be entrepreneurs are held up by fear of the tax system, or not understanding the legal issues of owning a business.  THESE THINGS SHOULD BE CLEAR AND EASY, THIS WOULD PROMOTE INNOVATION AND RISK TAKING MORE THAN ANYTHING!  Couple that with some strategic, easy to access investment dollars for GREAT business plans…and we could turn this thing around. 

I’m praying for my state, but the sad fact is that Jesus did not come to save us from bad business decisions.  We must deal with those here and now!

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