First of all, SORRY that I’m been away from the site for so long!  I’ve had little to no time at all to blog.  LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY!!!

Here is what has been going on, in a nut shell:

Our house was hit by lightning about two months ago and caught on fire.  It is currently being rebuilt!

The private equity and capital markets representation firm that I started 14 months ago has absolutly taken off, we are crazy busy!  We now have 6 partners and an office intern.  Business is outstanding!

The two restaurants have been doing extremely well!

My iphone app is 90% finished, and it is a work of art.  I can’t wait to share it…very soon.

The web development/Hyper-local e-commerce/social media company is getting some significant traction.

My wife is about three months away from giving birth to our fourth kid. 

Anyways, lots of other crazy and exciting stuff going on too, but the big ones are truly the new baby and the house fire.  Crazy stuff, but as they say with a house fire…

When life throws you lemons…squeeze them into a cup, add ice and Vodka 😉

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