If you love politics at all, you have got to have a deep respect for the guy who is beating his feet, door to door, to let his neighbors know that he is the best choice to represent their interests. 

In the digital world, this old tried and true political strategy packs more punch than ever. 

Case in point…

Today my wife sends me a text message.  She lets me know a wonderfully nice gentleman named Earl was walking through the neighborhood today, rang our doorbell, and asked for our vote.  He is running for State Representative.  She also mentions that Earl asked what we did for a living…she told him…and wouldn’t you know…I’ve met Earl a time or two. 

This common bond struck up a meaning ful conversation, and my wife became a fan of Earl.  In the digital world of facebook, twitter, four square and the like…suddenly it is easy, and natural, for my wife and I to broadcast to our circle of influence…WE LIKE EARL!

All this to say, IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE you can never discount the power of the human connection to spark a digital message.  This one easy stop probably will turn into hundreds of impressions for our new friend Earl…and he probably never even thought of that!

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