So I got my wisdom teeth out today.  Easy as pie my friends.  I had heard SO MANY horror stories that my nerves were going crazy this morning.  I’m feeling great though, so as I relax and recover I thought this would be the perfect time to try to dispense some Wisdom.  

First of all I want to remind us all that Relationships are THE MOST important things that we have here on earth.  Those with God, family, friends, business partners, etc. are diamonds that we are blessed with and that we need to serve, honor, and protect.  It is great to post your thoughts on your blog, and then look back the next day and have 10 -15 valuable, thoughtful ideas and comments to relish.  The relationships that I have with any of you who are reading this, I truly value.  I’m getting all mushy…and I’ve said it before…but I TRULY appreciate all of you who thank the time to interact with and add value to this personal finance blog.  Grace and Peace to you all, wherever you are in the world and in life.  Please don’t hesitate to zip me an email if there is ever anything I can do to help or impact your corner of the world in any way.  

I’ve been honored to read, comment, and interact on most of your online adventures.  I want to let you know that you all are doing great and exciting things!  Be encouraged, because I believe as the years play out, we are going to have so many success stories to continue to share with each other and anyone else who cares to get involved!  I believe that we are all blogging with a goal in mind.  Remember that worthy ventures are usually a slow drip, slow drip, slow drip…and then something changes and you find yourself caught up in a vortex of success.  It’s going to happen!  Stay encouraged, love life, and keep having fun!

Blessings – B

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