I got one of these Nintendo Wii systems today as an early Birthday present for Sarah and I from my folks. 

This crazy thing is incredible.  It was extremely easy to set up, and the technology is simply amazing.  I love everything about it…except that the Wii Fit told me that I’m 15 pounds overweight and that my Body Mass Index is at unhealthy levels. 

I quickly told it to shut up, because it is not even real…it then made me promise to lose 1.2 pounds every two weeks for the next 6 months so that I can live an optimal, healthy life. 

I made the promise and stamped my start date (today) on the Wii digital calendar.  I then apologized to my Wii for telling it to shut up.  Wii told me not to worry about it and that most slightly obese people have the same negative reaction as I did.  Wii and I are friends again. 

After we kissed and made up, Wii and I played baseball, tennis, bowling, running, hula-hoop, and we even did some light boxing.  (I held my own, but came away with a puffy left eye and a swollen cheek.)  I’ll get um next time though!

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